Affordable Art Art Fair New York

Dear friends!
I am excited to announce that I will be participating in the Affordable Art Fair New York. It is the first time you will be able to explore my new expressive art works series “Sparkle”.


Dates: September 26 – 29th.
The Opening Reception: September 25th, 6:00pm — 9:00pm.
Address: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th Str., New York.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.



I am very pleased to be a part of the Scope Art Fair in Miami this year.
The 18th edition of SCOPE Miami Beach returns to Ocean Drive and 8th Street in its bespoke pavilion on the sand. Amidst an unprecedented outpouring of critical acclaim from press, curators and collectors, and a digital and social media outreach campaign garnering over 450 million impressions, SCOPE Miami Beach is once again poised to lead the charge for the emerging contemporary art market.



Celebrating its 12th Anniversary, SCOPE Art Show returns to SCOPE Haus. A brief 5 minute walk from Art Basel (Messeplatz), SCOPE Basel’s well-appointed venue offers collectors the most convenient and ideal view of the contemporary art world available nowhere else. SCOPE Basel will welcome 70 International Exhibitors alongside 10 Breeder Program galleries.


Solo Show “The Light = Свет”

Dear friends!
I am inviting you to visit my personal art exhibition “The Light = Свет”!
The Opening reception: May 5th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, «Gallery 2.04».
Address: Pushkinskaya 10, St. Petersburg. Dates: May 5 – 13th.


Julia Dubovyk is a visual artist based in New York. She received her education in several international art schools in Europe and the USA and exhibited her works worldwide at exhibitions and auctions. In her continuing series “The Light” the artist explores the specifics and expression of artificial lightning, as well as its potential to influence our feelings and emotions. “I try to show how the light can change the atmosphere and the mood, make the space more festive or mysterious, bright or dark. Also it is a unique artificial light that we can control ourselves. In this way I want to show that everything depends on us, as with chandeliers, we can turn on the light inside us and share it with other people or turn it off and stay in darkness.”



Art Residency in St. Petersburg

I am honored and excited to be included in the upcoming Art Residency in the legendary art center “Pushkinskaya 10” in St. Petersburg, Russia.
This place has been the house of «non-official» and «non-conformist» art of St. Petersburg since 1981.


Impact Art Gallery

I am looking forward meeting you during the opening of the Winter Show at Impact Art Gallery, where I will be presenting my artworks.

Opening Reception: December 16th, 2017
The event will take place at 6:30pm at White Space Chelsea at 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY